App Features


Creative Information

  1. Complexity
            Select the amount of detail from clean simple lines to
            intricate layers of pattern.

  2. Color Selection
            Choose the PhotoTropedelic color palette including
            bright pinks, blues, yellows, and greens, or
            generate intensified colors based on the originals.

  3. Color Variety
            Select the number of colors you want in your final

  4. Line Width
            Choose no lines, or desired width.

  5. Embellishments
            Use these features to add “Pop” to your images:

  6. Star bursts of vibrant colors radiating to the heavens.

  7. Psychedelic Stars, Circles, and Magic Fairy Dust!

  8. Yin/Yang Auto-mirror.

  9. Border reduction brings detail to the center.

  1. Customize Colors $0.99 add-on feature available!
            Pick the colors that the tropedelic algorithm will use!


Technical Information

  1. Generates bitmap (jpg/png) and vector (PDF) images.

  2. PDF versions use curves to print well at any resolution.

  3. Compatibility
            Runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

  4. Built-in web server
            Allows you to download PDF and PNG versions of your images wirelessly from
            your iPhone to your computer.  These can be printed directly or imported into
            Adobe Illustrator® (or similar vector art editor) for detailed manipulation.

  5. Built-in Facebook uploader

  6. Heuristic Artfullness
            We made up the term (we couldn't find any reference
             on Google or Bing)

Several built-in options let you create spectacular images that will blow the minds of you, your friends, and your family!