PhotoTropedelic draws upon the colors and symbols of 1960‘s Pop Art and the advanced image processing capabilities of the 21st Century to produce colorful, one-of-a-kind, printable artwork on your phone!

Latest Version 3.3.1

Version 3.3.1 fixes a problem with

remembering in-app purchase.  It also brings some new features to the Aviary photo editor which includes built-in cropping, text, drawing, effects, stamps, and more. Note: 3.3.1 requires iOS 6 and above.  Use 3.2 for iOS 5.1.1

Also available is a $0.99 add-on  feature for customizing PhotoTropedelic’s color palette.

“pret-tay, pret-ray, pret-tay cool...”Reviews.html
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“Aging hippies can relive their youth...”Reviews.html
“This is the coolest photo app I’ve ever used.  period. ... Nice work.” -- iTunes store reviewReviews.html
“...the process kept me entertained for hours!  The creators of this app are to be commended on their originality and artistic process. ... Just GREAT!!!!” -- iTunes store reviewReviews.html